Badminton Fiederwäiss Ettelbréck

Playing Badminton in Ettelbruck

Badminton Fiederwäiss Ettelbréck is located in the modern facilities of the CSE (Centre Sportif Ettelbruck).
Address:Hall Omnisports « Frankie Hansen », rue du Deich - ETTELBRUCK Tel: 81 91 81-251, Fax: 81 91 81-250
Changing rooms and showers are available to members.

The training hours are as follows:


17:30-19:00Children - beginners4 fields
19:00-20:30Advanced and teams training
20:30-22:30Free play / Hobby players8+ fields


17:30-19:00Children - beginners8 fields
19:00-20:30Advanced and teams training
17:30-22:30Free play / Hobby players

Please note that there is no training during school vacation.
Please also check on a regular base the information on display at the CSE as well as on our welcome page for special events that take place or holiday closing of the sports centre.


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